If you haven't had an annual spring check up on your A/C unit you may have noticed that your unit isn't cooling as efficiently as it used to.  Air Conditoners should be cleaned, maintained and serviced YEARLY in order to maintain efficiency and to prolong the life of your unit.  

It doesn't take long for your unit to clog up with dirt and debris causing wear and tear on parts like the compressor which can really cause it to slow down.  When this happens it can't efficiently cool your house and will cost you twice as much in the long run.  If it overheats the compressor can explode and this can be very costly.  Having it cleaned once a year means it can breath properly and move air properly and efficiently allowing it to cool your house quicker.  The quicker it cools, the quicker it shuts off and saves you money.  We will test the refrigerant levels, clean the coil, test it for operating temperatures to make sure you are within the manufacturers specifications.  We will also check inside your home to make sure the furnace and coils are clean.

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