Consumer Alert
Mold, viruses, bacteria, fungus, pollen, spores and dust mites cannot be effectively eliminated by the most well known brand single room portable air cleaners or by a HEPA filter. 90% of these contaminants will pass through even a HEPA quality filter as the greater majority of infectious contaminants are smaller than .3 microns (1/300th the diameter of a single strand of human hair), which is beyond the capability of a HEPA filter. 

There are 72 trillion illness causing germs & allergens circulating through out the average home. 2 million would fit on the period at the end of this sentence. 

An Ultraviolet Germicidal Air Sterilizer and Air Purifier, which easily installs on any furnace/air duct system, continuously kills & permanently eliminates from the indoor air you breathe more than 99% of all airborne mold, viruses, bacteria, fungus, pollens, spores and and dust mites that pass through the filter in the furnace/air duct system. 

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