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    If you dont have the money for a new furnace, we can rebuild all makes and models. Cracked heat exchanger causing carbon monoxide in the home. Thank goodness everyone is safe. Have you furnace inspected. Only $99 call 403.312.3801 now!!!

  • Condemned Furnace due to Carbon Monoxide

    I make a similar post every year to the annual meeting of the dirty furnace club. This furnace was condemned the other day due to carbon monoxide in a 2 million dollar house. Seriously its just $99 to have your furnace professionally cleaned and inspected annually. Do it.!!! So there are no surprises when its -30deg celsius.. We do have a few openings over the next few weeks before Christmas holidays and for that $99 we will also visually inspect your hot water tank, humidifier, air filter and f…

  • $95 Service Call

    Our Service Call Fee of ONLY $95 gets us to your home with a fully stocked truck and a trained technician and includes the diagnostic inspection and the first hour of labour. After we have fully diagnosed the problem we will discuss with you your options and the pricing so there will be no surprises at the end of the job. We do not charge by the hour as this can get very costly.


    When making New Year's resolutions, we normally think of things that concern our personal life. This year, consider making resolutions that involve keeping your home an enjoyable oasis from the outside chaos. Here are a couple of HVAC resolutions you can make that will help you maintain a healthy system. Schedule a Checkup Just as your body needs regular checkups to keep it functioning at top performance, so does your HVAC system. Our experienced staff will examine your entire system to make sur…

  • Schedule your yearly service to ensure that your home stays comfy and cozy through the chilly winter months

    Schedule your yearly service to ensure that your home stays comfy and cozy through the chilly winter months!

  • Yearly Maintainance of Your Furnace

    Why should you maintain your furnace? Keeping your family warm in the fall and winter months is important and maintaining your furnace is the best way to ensure that your furnace runs efficiently. We offer reliable service and our team will not only help you keep warm through the cold months, we'll help make sure your furnace lasts longer. Yearly maintenance helps to prevent the wear and tear that can damage your furnace and shorten its lifespan. Just as you would get your car serviced every…

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